Following the construction and installation of a new hydrocarbon processing
facility, OASIS TESTING SERVICES can provide a full range of pre–commissioning services, including:

  • Engineering/project management
  • Hydro-testing
  • High-pressure water jetting
  • High-velocity water flushing
  • High-velocity air flushing
  • Explosive venting
  • Camera inspection
  • Flange management (including hydraulic
  • Bolt torquing and tensioning)
  • Flange machining
  • Process drying
  • De-commissioning
  • Nitrogen Purging
  • Nitrogen/Helium Leak Testing

Standard industry practice generally involves the employment of multiply sub-contractors and specialist service companies to complete the pre-commissioning activities. This can result in significant personnel downtime.
By being able to perform all pre-commissioning activities, Oasis testing Services is able to avoid duplication of personnel and equipment and save significant man-hours.


Having all pre-commissioning activities carried out by a single, integrated project team provides the following key advantages:

  • Reduced man-hours, and therefore costs, due to the use of smaller,multi-disciplined teams that share the same equipment
    Considerably improved safety conditions due to consistent QHSE procedures
  • Superior quality standards due to consistent quality-control systems
  • Potentially shortened lead times due to the elimination of non-
    productive periods.

OTS is a performance-oriented company that uses the experience and versatility of its compact, on-site teams and state-of-the-art equipment to provide high-quality service. Each team is integrated into the project and focuses on completing all work by the agreed deadline and within budget.

  • Single source of project management
  • Reduced customer/sub-contractor interface
  • Increased man/hour output
  • Shared use minimizes equipment
  • Versatility allows smaller workforce
  • Efficient management of sub-contractors leads to greater safety
  • Improved system quality from applying consistent standards
  • Full range of services under a single contract